BodyVerde Overnight Miracle Cream 純天然保濕晚霜



純天然保濕晚霜是一種生物相容性面霜,有助於撫平皮膚紋理外觀,防止損傷並補充因衰老過程而流失的水分。 強大的營養豐富的植物、維生素提取物和大豆蛋白有助於為皮膚提供營養,使皮膚容光煥發。 從這款抗衰老的奇蹟霜中喚醒水潤、年輕的肌膚。白天和黑夜都可以使用。 與 Ten Hour Tight 一起使用可提供 24 小時保護! Made in U.S.A Net weight: 57gm Overnight Miracle Cream is a bio-compatible facial cream that will help smooth the appearance of skin texture, protect against damage and replenish loss of hydration due to the aging process. Powerful nutrient rich plants, vitamin extracts and soy proteins help provide nourishment to the skin for glowing, radiant skin. Wake up to hydrated, youthful-looking skin from this age-defying miracle cream. Can be used both night and day. Twenty-four hour protection when used together with Ten Hour Tight!

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