Pure Maple Flakes 純楓糖脆片170g



通過加入純楓糖脆片,在您最喜歡的餐點和甜點中添加美味的楓糖味和鬆脆口感。這種天然產品僅使用Decacer主糖製造商精心挑選的100%純楓糖漿製成。 -100%純楓糖 -純天然 -包含必需的礦物質 -非常適合加入燕麥片, 早餐麥片和甜點 -大自然最精緻的天然糖 -加拿大製造 Description Made with 100% pure premium maple syrup: Natural and flavorful, maple flakes are crafted using our proprietary dehydration process that keeps all the healthy benefits of maple syrup Use in coffee, breakfast cereals, oatmeal, spice mixes, dessert finishes to sweeten or add a crunchy texture Ingredients: Pure maple syrup

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